1972, Co Hoedeman

Posted by John Martz, April 26, 2020

We end this first week of shorts the way we began, with a short from the National Film Board of Canada. Outside of the traditional Saturday morning fare, I can attribute my love of animation to the NFB, and watching these shorts on television as a kid.

Stop motion might be my favourite form of animation. It makes me feel particularly nostalgic for childhood, probably because it's the art form most similar to playing with toys. So Co Hoedeman's Tchou-tchou and its playground of colourful wooden blocks instantly transports me to back to those days of make-believe. But as playful as it is, there is some real drama here: a villain in the form of an angry dragon. Despite being made of simple blocks, with a little help from an ominous soundtrack, the danger of the dragon never feels anything but real and imminent.